"Very rarely is an in-depth book on investments understandable let alone entertaining. Cutting the Gordian Knot does a masterful job of making the complex world of investments an exciting journey for those who desire financial independence. Lon Neese has authored a must-read for anyone who invests and is committed to being successful long term."

Frederick J. Diamond, CPA
Managing Principal, Fund Evaluation Group, Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio

"In a comprehensive and crystal clear manner, Lon Neese has delivered an essential, insightful and timeless guide for anyone interested in investments and investing. From its spring water clear explanations of investment strategies and vehicles to its unique review of the "confusing cast of characters" found in the investment world, Cutting the Gordian Knot is full of advice that every investor not only needs, but also requires to make knowledgeable decisions."

Jeffery A Everett, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Templeton World Fund
Executive Vice President, Templeton Global Advisors
Nassau, Bahamas

"Anyone who is serious about investing for the long term should read Cutting the Gordian Knot. Lon Neese has capsulized in clear and easy-to-read terms the habits and tools that lead to success in investing."

Harry C. Moore, CBE
Chairperson & CEO (retired), Beloit Corporation
Chairperson, Lyford Cay Foundation
Nassau, Bahamas

"Cutting the Gordian Knot contains some powerful material; anyone who reads it can master their own finances and investments. Any company that provides a means for its employees to invest their 401(k), profit sharing or pension funds should make this book required reading!"

James L. Packard
Chairman & CEO, Regal-Beloit Corporation
Governor, American Stock Exchange
Beloit, Wisconsin

"Lon Neese has performed a genuine public service by authoring Cutting the Gordian Knot, for he covers a field of critical knowledge about which the public in general is gravely illiterate, and he does so in a concise yet lucid style. Would that every high school senior could have access to the material covered! And yet it is a solid reference book for everyone regardless of age."

Dr. Miller Upton, MBA, PhD
President Emeritus, Beloit College
Former President, American Finance Association
Fontana, Wisconsin